Hi My Name is Leigh Crizoe, and I had a life changing experience that I believe can change your life if you have High Blood pressure, and other health issues. I’m a real person, and not an actor just trying to sell you something. So… Please watch this very short presentation, and I do mean short, and to the point.  I knew I was in big trouble that fateful morning when I walked from my home office into the bathroom to wash a cup. When I started to run the water, I felt myself getting dizzy, and my left arm was getting numb. I was terrified. I thought that this could be it. I did everything in my power to keep from passing out. I yelled to my life partner Rhio downstairs as loud as I could for her to help me before I might pass out. Thank God she heard me. She immediately ran upstairs, and helped me to the bedroom where she put cayenne pepper on the bottom of my feet to increase my circulation.

She went to call 911, when I said No… Let’s wait, as the numbness went away, and I no longer felt like passing out. I would do almost anything to stay out of the hospital, where my father had died years ago. Especially in todays Covic times.

I knew what had just happened. It was a TIA, commonly known as a quick passing mini stroke. I  immediately made an appointment with  a cardiologist, friend of mine who had me get an mri. Thank God no heart attack, and no brain damage.

Again… My name is Leigh Crizoe, and I’m not a paid actor… It’s my true story,

It all started a few months before when I made one of my very few visits to the doctor to get some routine blood tests. After all It was only 2 years before my 80th birthday, and I had Medicare which for most of my life after 30, I did not have any health insurance. And by the way, that was by choice, and I don’t advise you to do that.

To my surprise, my blood pressure was pretty high. 160 over 95. I always had a tendency to be a little high through the years, which I kept under control with a pretty good diet, and those garlic pearls you can get in the health food store.

Now.. my mother had high blood pressure, and my brother does also, and he takes a number of prescription medications to keep it under control.

I’m not one for prescription medications unless it’ a matter of life and death. I’m sure you see those ads constantly on TV that big pharma spends billions of dollars a year on… showing beautiful people doing fun things, while at the same time they are spending over half of the commercial telling you most of the horrible side effects that say things like can cause cancer, increase your risk of stroke, stomach problems, lung problems, kidney problems, lower your immune system, give you tuberculosis…. Right ! that’s what we need during Covid, and of course the good old CAN CAUSE DEATH! Some of those ads even say CAN CAUSE DEATH TWICE IN the commercial.

Well…. My doctor did it! She put the fear of God in me when she said that if I
don’t take prescription medication I can DIE!. I ask she if I had any other choice, and se said no, but the drug she is going to prescribe for me is very safe and the only real side effect it has is the possibility of a little cough. I reluctantly took the prescription, and of course no way….I did I tell my partner Rhio about it because she would hit the ceiling and scream at me to find a natural solution.

When I reluctantly went to the drug store to get the prescription filled there was a long line of sick looking people getting their prescriptions filled, and I said to my self… am I now going to be one of them who stand in line to get expensive medication, that doesn’t even cure you, just manage your dis orders?

When I finally got the counter to get the prescription filled I ask the pharmacist to tell me about the side effects. He quickly brushed me off, and told me that they will give me a print out of them when I come back to pick it up in a half hour.

This was all new to me and scary. I never had to get a prescription filled in 40 years….. is this how my life is going to be? Wasting my time, and getting treated like nobody really cares about side effects? When I came back to pick up the prescription they did include about 3 pages…  yes 3 pages  of possible side effects in such smasll print that you could hardly read them.. I thought the doctor told me that it was a safe drug, and the worst that could happen was a possible cough. I was really having second thoughts about taking the drug, but her words echoed in my mind. IF YOU DON’T TAKE THE DRUGS YOU CAN DIE!

So…. Against my better judgement I started taking the pills as directed.  After about aa week, I found that it did nothing for my blood pressure, and I was getting this absolutely horrible cough. I was coughing so much that my partner Rhio wanted to know what was wrong. I told her that I think I caught a cold in order to save face. I stopped taking the pills, and the cough went away thank God. I made an appointment with my cardiologist friend, and he told me that those pills were an older drug, and that he could prescribe a better one that would not make me cough. He said that I need to get the numbers down.

Like a fool, I went back to the pharmacy and filled the prescription for the new and improved pills, still being under the spell of do it, or I could die.

Well….. the new pills didn’t make me cough, but the actually made my blood pressure go up, along with making me nauseas.

That was it. I decided to stop taking the pills, and go back to the garlic, watch my diet, and keep an eye on my blood pressure. Well That worked for a few weeks… but then I got lax, and was taking liberties with my diet, and forgot about it.
You know what they say….. Hypertension is the silent killer.

That brings us to the point of my BIG SCARE.

After the TIA I am clean and told my partner Rhio about the prescriptions that I took that didn’t work. We both decided that I have to find a natural way to get my blood pressure under control. That’s when I went on the quest to find My Fail Safe BP Control Arsenal. It took me on a journey that gave me renewed faith in the healing powers of nature. I found a plan that works for me to keep my blood pressure in check, and a whole arsenal of natural solutions if I let myself get out of sync.

I’d like you to have the natural tools to help keep your blood pressure where it should be. That’s why I wrote a short to the point e-book, The Fail-Safe BP
Control Arsenal
that doesn’t beat around the bush. It tells you what I do along with other valuable information from my research so you can formulate your Fail-Safe BP Control Arsenal.

I also include my short book The Reluctant Partner that tells my story of transforming my self from a sickly child, and young  adult, to a healthy person living a lifestyle that has allowed me to avoid doctors, hospitals, and not using health insurance for the most part of forty years.

You also get my partner Rhio’s amazing Raw Power recipe e-book Rhio’s Favorite Recipes. She shows you how to make delicious super healthy raw unprocessed recipes, that you will love, and help you maintain optimum health.

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